John has been contained for his and your own safety. John must be kept under constant supervision.

John is's best not to ask.

"Michael Clarke is Almost Perfect"

"...amazing direction from Tom Davis"

" finding that independent band playing a small gig before they blow up and take over the world"

-Much More Music


When John's daughter goes missing, a chemical imbalance is triggered in his brain. What begins as a mere panic builds into an illness strong enough to tear apart his career, his family and his life.

Based on a true story, Michael Clarke's multiple-award winning Imbalance reveals the struggle within a society intolerant of the “mentally ill”. John’s story brings its audience into the world not only of mental illness itself, but of a culture seemingly unable/unwilling to meet the needs of some of its most vulnerable members and the failed policies of the Ministry of Health that have remained frighteningly unchanged.


July 2010. Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse.


Michael Clarke
Ryan Cooley
Tara Grm
RJ Hatanaka
Samya Kullab
Maarika Pinkney
Midori Schroeder


Writer - Michael Clarke
Director/Dramaturge - Tom Arthur Davis
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Gia Milne-Allan
Composer - Mike Conley (of the Johnson Report)
Publicity - Jiv Parasram